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Proper 10

Amos 7: 7-15
Ephesians-1: 3-14
Mark 6: 14-29

‘The letter to the Ephesians sets the life of the Christian Church in the context of the cosmic plan of God. The letter will go on to give quite detailed advice about how Christians should live together, day to day, but it is important that that advice should be seen in its proper setting. Christianity is not, at its heart, about living a decent and moral life. It is about living the life we were created for, in tune with the God who made us. That is why Christians are right to agonize over the way our lives bear witness to the God we seek and serve. We are trying to brush away the dust and dirt that cover the beloved features, not bury them even deeper. Luckily, our frantic but ineffectual efforts are not the only force at work. Behind them all is the awesome majesty of God, whose purposes will not be thwarted, even though, dog-like, our digging obscures more than it reveals...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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