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A Carol for Advent or Christmas
In the Ancient Darkness:

In the ancient darkness
Along the edge of time,
Long before earth’s birthing
Or human need to rhyme,
There a star in dying
Imploded and gave out
A light of expectation,
Of hope in spite of doubt.

Through the cold and blackness
Of seeming empty space
Sure its beam sped onward
Toward some appointed place,
By a way uncharted,
Yet guided by the will
Of that Creative Passion
That moves the cosmos still.

For an eon’s eon
That light its journey clocks.
Then in skies above us
It's “Et in terra pax!”
All those miles and ages
Through dark suffused with grace
Brought forth a lamp for Bethlehem,
A hope for Adam’s race.

Verses 4-5 follow

Copyright 2011 John Schimminger


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