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IN THE DESERT LANDS, A SHOUT Isaiah 40: 3-5, Luke 3: 4-6

1 In the desert lands, a shout
breaks the silence, ringing out:
“Build a road! Prepare the way!
Christ must travel here today.
2 “Smooth the rugged rough terrain;
shrink the mountain to a plain;
raise the driest river bed:
Here the feet of Christ must tread.”
3 In the wilderness of life,
with its tragedy and strife,
obstacles of many kinds,
Christ would enter hearts and minds.
4 We are heralds of the Lord.
Ours it is to heed the word:
“Break new ground. Map out a way.
Christ will walk our streets today.”

7 7.7 7. Tune: Roughhills

Words: Copyright, ©, 2013, Norman J Goreham



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