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These words from Psalm 9 assure the poor that God hears their cry of distress. However, there is no excuse for human inaction. Our compassion is the outworking of the divine desire for justice.

        JUSTICE FOR THE POOR                          Psalm 9: 9­20
1 God, a refuge in distress,
   solace of the comfortless,
   you will not forsake‚ alone‚
   any fragile, trusting one.
2 Sing, you people, to the Lord;
   spread his praise through earth abroad;
   tell how God has acted well.
   He is just! His ways excel!
3 Not for ever must the poor,
   empty­handed at the door,
   plead for justice. No! Their cry
   surely shall be heard on high.
4 Be their sighing also heard
   here on earth. With conscience stirred,
   may we gladly learn to share
   Christ’s compassion and his care!
7 7.7 7.
Words: Copyright, ©, 2010, Norman J Goreham
For reprints, please use your CCLI licence, or contact the copyright holder for permission,

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