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Prayer: Great God, your love

Great God, your love is so vast that it stretches beyond the boundaries of our imagination.
We look to the skies and cannot see the extremities of space, yet your faithfulness exceeds those limits.
We explore the depths of the oceans, but your justice is deeper and more profound than anything we could find there.
No one can put a price on your love; it is beyond the measure of any monetary system that we could create.
You offer us refuge in the shelter of your presence and we know that your joy can light up our lives with hope.
You care so much for us that we want to offer our lives back to you and to be more like you in every way.
Keep us on that road to discovering more of our faith and your faithfulness to us, for we know we can never exhaust the riches of your love.

©Marjorie Dobson

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