A collection of incarnational poetry.

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This collection of incarnational poetry from the author of A Telling Place, The One Loaf and Making Peace in Practice and Poetry explores a spirituality that engages with people, things, and the joys and sorrows of daily life.

Where are the altars In the churches and great cathedrals
Or out in the world and in the everyday

Joy Mead writes:

I find myself bombarded with annunciations: sunlight on dead leaves, the patterns of tree bark, daisies and dandelion seeds, bread, flowers, butterflies, the smile of a child, a baby’s hands, an old woman’s lined face, pictures of the Sri Lankan children going back to school after the tsunami … the tears of a stranger. Things, events, people – bathed in a special light – amazing me with their wonder, mystery and value, part of a world more extraordinary than I can take in. Isn’t this what a visit from an angel is

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