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Seen alongside William Blake's original poem, this is a reworking for Christian congregations, using the same tune (by Parry). 
Suitable especially for occasions where 'Jerusalem' is requested but the words of the original are not relevant. 
The first verse deals with the mystery of the incarnation and the second verse leads up to the final consummation of God's love in Christ, expressed as the 'New Jerusalem'.

New Jerusalem

And did God’s feet in ancient time
walk upon this earth’s golden sands?
And was the holy Word of God
nurtured in Mary’s gentle hands?
And did the Lord of Heaven divine
give up his throne to pass this way?
And did Jerusalem’s garden tomb
bear forth new resurrection day?

Lord, break your bread, and share your life!


© Andrew T. Murphy 2011
Music by Charles Parry is in Public Domain
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