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SEE EARTH’S GARDEN BLOOM AGAIN Genesis 1: 2-3, 31; 3: 18, Romans 2: 4

1 Gracious God, your powerful voice
spoke — and all things came to be,
making newborn worlds rejoice
in their life and liberty.
2 When from chaos all things sprang
and in perfect order stood,
joyful was the song they sang,
hearing you pronounce them good.
3 What, then, have we humans done?
See your handiwork defaced:
forests burned, whole species gone
and our landfills piled with waste!
4 May your loving faithfulness
gently prompt us to repent,
show contrition and confess,
with a sorrowful lament.
5 Lord, have mercy; hear our prayer;
spare us; heal us; set us free,
free to show the earth our care,
acting with integrity,
6 Strengthen us to right the wrong;
heal, O God, this planet’s pain;
hear creation’s glad new song;
see earth’s garden bloom again!

Copyright, ©, 2011, Norman J Goreham
For reprints, please use your CCLI licence, or contact the copyright holder for permission,




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