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1 When the doors are tightly shut,

can the peace of God be shared?

There the church may gather, but

how its witness is impaired!

2 With the doors flung open wide,

all its energy and strength

flow to those around, outside,

held no longer at arms’ length.

3 Welcome to this holy place!

Come with others or alone.

Savour here refreshing grace,

here where peace from God is known.

Verses 4-5 follow
Suggested tunes: Lauds, Orientis Partibus
(Dedicated to North Lowestoft United Reformed Church, Suffolk, England, in celebration of its “Open Doors” policy)
First published in Tiribassi, Maren & Kathy Wonson Eddy: Gifts in Open Hands: More Resources for the Global Community (Cleveland, The Pilgrim Press, 2011)
Words: Copyright, ©, 2008‚ Norman J Goreham
For reprints, please use your CCLI licence, or contact the copyright holder for permission,

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