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This hymn celebrates the life of the city. The final stanza, based on Psalm 122: 6-9, prays for the city's peace and is appropriate for any city troubled by violence in its many forms.


Hear the city’s beating heart:

it throbs with vibrancy!

Here are science, crafts and art,

town planning, industry,

commerce in each busy street,

banks and offices galore,

markets where all races meet,

zoos, hospitals and more!

In the city, work and prayer

are offered side by side.

Here, by acts of loving care,

our God is glorified.

Praise for all who share their wealth,

time, inventiveness and skill

to ensure the city’s health —

and do so with goodwill.

Verse 3 follows Suggested tune: Amsterdam?
Copyright, ©, 2014, Norman J Goreham

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