A Fragrant Offering Daily Prayers in the celtic tradition
by John Birch

Sunday - The gift of a world
Monday - A community of faith
Tuesday - Journeying together
Wednesday - From desert places
Thursday - Led to a pleasant land
Friday - The resurrection life
Saturday - The call to follow
Traditional Celtic Festivals Samhain
Published by Thanksgiving Press
©2013 John Birch
Permission is given to reproduce copies of these prayers for individual church usage.
They should not be republished in any other way or References offered for sale without the express permission of the author.

All rights reserved worldwide. All images are either ©John Birch or free of copyright to the best of the author’s knowledge.
The author John Birch is a Methodist Local Preacher based in South Wales, and as well as self- publishing books of prayers and Bible studies, writes for IBRF daily study notes, and has had prayers published in a range of denominational publications.

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