This is a dancy break beat kind of thing called "Abwûn d'bwaschmaja". The words are actually the Lord's Prayer in Syriac which is apparently the closest living language to Aramaic (the language that Jesus spoke). Apologies to anyone who actually speaks Syriac, my pronunciation is probably appalling as I got the translation off the internet with written instructions on how to say it.

Part of the thinking behind this video is about the importance of the words in the prayer and how their meaning can be lost, not so much in translation as in mindless repetition.

Although comprehension of this video may be difficult and the music to some may seem abrasive, I think it is still possible to approach it in a prayerful manner. Here the long time christian is placed on a level with the club going person with no experience of Church. Both must come to it with the realisation that they cannot comprehend it all at once.

Video Format - WMV

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