A short film on the theme of prayer based on Luke 11: 1-13, produced by Tower Pictures and featuring Alan Chandran.  This bundle comes with free discussion notes.

Pray is the first in the Zume series of films by Tower Pictures (Zume is Greek for yeast or leaven).

Zume films could be used as part of worship or as group discussion starters and come with a guide, either for individual study, or group discussion, helping you dig deeper into Gods word.


The films will will play on your computer in QuickTime, and are also iPhone friendly, just ‘Add to library’ in iTunes and sync your phone to enable you to watch them anywhere or show your friends.


About Tower Pictures

“We have tried to produce something that’s both creative and will give people an opportunity to think about, and discuss the big questions.  It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will give these films a meaning beyond intention.” Peter has 21 years experience filming documentaries, news and features, sport and commercials, both at home in the UK, and overseas.  Wanting to use his skills and experience in this field, Peter got together with Alan, his local pastor and Zume films was born. 

As a Christian and a TV cameraman, Peter Lloyd-Williams has a desire to create short films, made with excellence, as a tool to prompt thought and discussion about God and His word. 


The preview is a low quality clip of the downloadable version

Bundle contents:

Store | Pray - Tower Pictures

Written | Pray - Notes - Tower Pictures

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