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Family Wisdom (Prov. 1-9)

A prologue announces that the book aims to impart wisdom (1:2–7). Thick with vocabulary essential to that endeavor, the prologue defines wisdom primarily in relational terms. Wisdom requires that everyone, the young and the wise alike, listen to instruction and accept discipline. Wisdom is about “righteousness, justice, and equity” (1:3b; all translations, unless otherwise noted, are mine), terms that together refer comprehensively to ethical relationships between individuals and communities. And wisdom begins with and is most fully expressed as “fear of YHWH” (1:7), namely, reverence for and obedience to God that motivates virtuous behavior and fosters well-being. Proverbs intends to shape moral persons and communities, to inspire moral will and teach moral skills for the sake of a good and just common life…

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