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Evangelism Bulletin 270 – Chasing your Passion

It's always good to travel over to Geneva to see my family members over there, and even more special now we have a grandson, Matthew who is nearly 5 months old. Although our son works in Geneva, his family live just over the border in a quaint French village in the foothills of the Jura mountains where living costs are much cheaper. On the Saturday of our stay, we all went to a small town named Divonne, where Andrew used to live. It's a lovely place with a thermal spa, good shops and restaurants and a beautiful lake.

We walked around the lake in a leisurely fashion and about half way round, we noticed a man standing in the water, fully clothed, with rod in one hand and landing net in the other hand. We noticed a small crowd of people had gathered to watch him playing cat and mouse with what appeared to be a sizeable fish on the other end of his line. He crept deeper into the lake until only his head and shoulders were visible. Eventually with a flick of his right wrist, the one with his rod in, he triumphantly manoeuvred his landing net with his left hand underneath his catch - a huge 42 pound carp.


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