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The four movements of lectio create a sacred rhythm that nurtures our ability to experience God’s presence in the world around us. As we grow in our ability to become present to God in our prayer, this awareness begins to spill over into our daily lives. We may discover that
more and more often we have moments of grace and insight that bubble up throughout the day. This expanding vision is one of the fruits of this practice, as lectio divina invites us to slowly widen the possibilities for sacred texts. One of the fundamental assumptions of lectio
divina is that the Divine Presence is everywhere, and we can apply its principles to praying visually with art as well. Rather than listening for the sacred word or phrase that calls to us, in visio divina we look for an image or a symbol or a colour. In essence, we pray with our eyes…

Taken from Lectio Divina the Sacred Art by Christine Valters Painter

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