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Where was God?

I couldn’t pray, I could only cry out in anguish. Why Lord? Why did you allow this to happen? I had, I felt, experienced my own personal Calvary a number of times in my life, and now I was having more problems heaped upon me. So many of us feel that we are not strong enough to carry this kind of burden. The yoke is too heavy. It doesn’t help when people say ‘God only gives us what we can bear’, or when they come out with platitudinal statements. What we need are people alongside us, sharing in the difficulty, and not walking away when life gets tough. I felt truly let down by God, completely and utterly numb. No words of Scripture were comforting. I was so shocked and shattered by the experience, that Scripture did nothing for me. Where was my God? He had been my rock, my strength. But he wasn’t there. There was no sense of his presence, it was a total void...

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