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A humorous sketch suitable for use in worship or as a discussion starter, about the risks of literal interpretation of the Bible. Candidates for a church youth worker post look promising until tested against sometimes obscure texts.

As written requires 2 Male, 1 Female, plus 1 either, but with name changes could be any mix. Cast can have papers in front of them, so suitable for inexperienced actors.


Peter Well, here we are. I think the interviews went well this morning.
Six good candidates. It’s going to be difficult choosing which is
to be our new youth worker.

Alan Well I don’t think it’s going to be too difficult narrowing the

field down. Remember what the minister said. We mustn’t show any prejudice; we must be guided by biblical principles as we make our decisions.
Carol That’s right. And Alan and I have been thinking about that over lunch.
Peter OK (a little unsure ).  Let’s just review the candidates one by one. First there was Helen.
What did you think of her? She had plenty of enthusiasm.
Carol  She certainly had enthusiasm. She probably would have been able to get a lot of other people involved with youth work in the church……….But we discounted her didn’t we Alan?
Alan Indeed.
Peter Why was that?
Alan That awful patchwork jacket that she was wearing.
Peter But I thought that was very colourful. It seemed to project her lively personality.
Alan  You’re forgetting what the minister said. ….Biblical principles?
Peter I don’t get it.
Alan Leviticus.
Reader Leviticus chapter 19, verse 19: DO NOT WEAR CLOTHING

Continues ...

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