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Feeding the 5000 through the eyes of a little child

An old man tells this tale to his grand-children:

‘When I was a small boy, my mother used to give me a little basket with some food in it, and send me off outside, so that she could get on with her work.

One day, as I was playing on the roadside, no particular plan in mind for the day, I saw a crowd of people hurrying along the shore.

‘Come on,’ they were saying to each other, ‘he’s gone over to the other side. If we hurry we’ll find him before he leaves us.’

‘Come on, hurry up, do hurry up – I want to hear him teaching.’

‘He’s so wonderful. Remember how he healed that man with a broken arm.’

‘And that little boy who was blind and dumb – now he can see and speak.’

‘Who are they talking about?’ I wondered, ‘I’d better find out – this sounds interesting.’

So I hurried along beside them, listening all the time – hearing about the man, called Jesus, who was doing wonderful things and was an amazing Rabbi.

It took us quite some time to get there, and we were glad when we found Jesus and his friends – glad because we could sit down, and glad because he started to teach.


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