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"Forty-nine days to celebrate Easter? That's seven weeks. We'll never make the Easter eggs last that long! And then Pente - what? "

Pilate stamps the file, "Case Closed". He thinks that that is it. A distasteful business, but Jesus the Galilean isn't the first troublemaker he's been called on to get rid of, nor will he be the last. Pax Romana. Crucifixion tends to sort them out. Full stop.

Caiaphas adjusts his conscience and puts on his vestments. With a sigh of relief he gets back to the serious business of running the Temple. He thinks that that is it. Tricky for a while, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Best put it behind us; lessons to be learned. In future he'll keep a closer eye on rogue preachers. Full stop.

Jesus's followers watch from a distance, broken hearted. They turn away. They think that that is it. Full stop. They grieve. The women set out for the tomb to look for a body; to honour their friend. They think that that is it. Full stop.

And then the rumours start. In the lanes and back alleys, and round the wells where the women gather; whispered behind hands and behind closed doors. "Jesus is alive..." "We have seen him..." "He ate with us.." "I put my fingers into the holes the nails had made..." "He walked with us on the road..." "It was definitely him..."


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