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God, who cares for us as a shepherd cares for the sheep, we come to you in our weakness, knowing that you will be our strength.

You have promised to seek the lost: so we bring before you all those who have lost direction in life, through bereavement, unemployment, family breakdown, stress, depression, or a lack of motivation or purpose.

Some of us have experienced these situations for ourselves and we pray that you will lead us and all who are lost back into the safety of your love and care.

You have promised to bring back those who have strayed: so we bring to you all those who have been increasingly drawn into a life of crime, or drug abuse, or promiscuity; those who have followed the false gods of wealth, possessions and selfish living and those who have forgotten who you are.

When we are tempted and stray from your path, forgive and bless us and draw back to you all those who have forgotten, or never knew, how fulfilling life can be following your direction and purpose.

You have promised to bind up the injured: so we bring to you all those who are broken in life by illness, disability, dementia, a life-threatening diagnosis, accident, famine, flood, earthquake, neglect, abuse, fear, or failure.


©Marjorie Dobson


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