Gone for Good

contributor: John Cooper


Gone for Good
An Ascensiontide dialogue for two voices, by John G. Cooper

ONE: He's gone.
TWO: Who's gone?
ONE: Jesus - gone for good.
TWO: We thought he'd gone before
ONE: on gone-for-Good Friday.
TWO: Crucified, dead and buried.
ONE: But he came back!
TWO: Mary saw him first
ONE: thought he was the gardener - but, then, the light wasn't very bright.
TWO: Mary wasn't feeling too bright at the time, either.
ONE: Two of our mates walked miles with him on a country lane
TWO: not a clue who he was
ONE: till he broke the bread
TWO: and broke the spell, and slipped away.
ONE: Another time most of us were having a meeting
TWO: behind locked doors.
ONE: Suddenly there he was, just like he'd always been
TWO: very much alive.
ONE: Fairly livened up that meeting, I can tell you!
TWO: I can think of a few more meetings could do with that treatment.
ONE: Then there was that disastrous fishing trip.
TWO: We wouldn't have caught a thing without his help.
ONE: He fixed us a barbecue on the beach.
TWO: It was beginning to seem like old times.
ONE: But it couldn't go on
TWO: we all knew that.
ONE: So now he's left us
TWO: said his farewells
ONE: and it’s all down to us.
TWO: We've to tell the world what he taught us.
ONE: He's left us few to get on with it.
TWO: He's gone for good.


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