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Harvest Assembly Puppet 2012

Hi I love coming here to school for harvest because of all the fantastic songs you sing.
Songs all about God’s wonderful creation and all of the fantastic things we can see.

I like coming along to see all of the wonderful colours that are around.
I love harvest time, because it makes me realise just how lucky we are to have all that we do.

There are some things we have that I take for granted like fresh, clean water to drink.
After I have played football there’s nothing more I enjoy than a nice cold drink of water, it’s so refreshing.

Then there’s all the different choice of food we can eat.
As well as playing football my other favourite hobby is eating, sometimes eating things that are not good for me.
I do like fruit though, I love a nice juicy orange, apart from when it dribbles down my chin.

Every now and again I do stop and think about what I have and realise, how well off I am compared to other children in other parts of the world. I suppose that’s the whole point of harvest festivals being thankful for the good things that we have....



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