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A present-day, urban version of the prayer for offering first fruits
Based on Deuteronomy 26:1 – 11

Today I declare to our God who keeps promises that God is present in this place beneath my feet.

You are invited to draw around your feet (or your shoes if you prefer) and bring the drawing to the front to symbolise the commitment we make at harvest to offer to God the best of what we have gained from being in this place.

My ancestors wandered from many places and I am now living here, where I wasn’t born.  I remember when I arrived and did not yet belong, and how I came to inhabit this intense, teeming, tremendous place.

We have cried out many times in our lives to God “it’s not fair”.  The Lord heard our voice and saw what afflicted and oppressed us.  The Lord brought us through it; God’s arm stretched out to reach us.  We have seen signs of God’s wonders in this place.  We are privileged to be living here and now in God’s presence; a place abundant with all the things that we need.

So now I bring the best of what I have gleaned from this place beneath my feet, and give thanks to you, God, for what you have given me.

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