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Imagining the Lectionary: Hope does not disappoint us (Lent 3A)

Reflection accompanying image “Hope does not disappoint us

The catkins on this willow open out before ever a new leaf begins to unfurl from its bud. Like so many other plants at this time of year, for this tree the first task of Spring is to look to the future, to the next generation beyond itself; it is to reproduce. Only then does the parent satisfy its own needs and harvest the light of the sun for its individual continuing wellbeing and vitality. Until then last years photosynthesis and nutrients in the soil in which it is rooted fuel this years reproduction. 

Investing in the future like this is so written into the DNA of the willow that it appears to be an inevitable and predictable event each Spring. If the catkins did not develop and open out like this we would suspect that something was terribly amiss with the tree. Its vigour and fitness would be called into question.  Rather like faith without hope.  God's creative Spirit calls forth hope from faith as inevitably and predictably as the willow brings forth catkins in Springtime.


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