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 Imagining the Lectionary: Convictions that withstand testing times
(Proper 24A; Ordinary 29A)

Reflection accompanying image “the autumn torment of a tree in gale force winds"

Outside the window of the holiday cottage the gale was lashing the autumn trees. The winds grew faster and fiercer as the storm passed by. Soon the leaves and branches were a complete blur and whirl of colour, each caught up in a collective maelstrom of visually formless chaos.  And yet through it all the trunk remained motionless, as though rooted immoveably in the immense underlying calm of solid ground. Even though its branches were being shaken violently and its leaves torn free, the tree was held tightly by a stillness far stronger than the tempestuous wildness of the weather.

The photograph, taken with a very slow shutter speed to render this raw sense of rapid movement, conveys the impression of what I saw. And it portrays too the experience which underlies the New Testament readings, which is one of convictions that withstand the most testing of times. Jesus is continually being put to the test by those whose vested interests and power are threatened by his re-envisioning of religion as a kingdom-shaped popular movement of God's liberating purpose for all. Here is a life manifestly rooted in the deep solid-grounded presence of God's love...

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