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Imagining the Lectionary:
Living God's liberating vision - faith takes you higher, love takes you deeper,
discipleship takes you into the heart of life (Proper 12B)

Reflection accompanying images:
York Wheel 1, York Wheel 2 text, York Wheel 3, York Wheel 4

The Wheel of York takes you from ground level to a height of 60m to provide a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. From that elevated vantage point a whole vista opens up without restriction, right away to the far horizon. Such free seeing puts the limitations and obstructions
of ground level into context. The big picture transforms our understanding of the near and under foot realities with which we daily live. The two prayers in the passage from Ephesians achieve the same effect theologically for people of faith as does the Wheel of York for tourists
seeking to see the whole view.

Reading - (Text included) - Ephesians 3:14-21

We are taken from the ground level concerns and intrusive immediacies which demand our attention and crowd out a considered and broader perspective to a quiet and still sanctuary of insight where we know and are known by God.

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