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 Dramatic monologue: It’s that man again, isn’t it.

Second Sunday of Easter

Acts 2: 14a, 22 – 32

It’s that man again, isn’t it. The one who used to be just Simon, but now seems to be called Simon Peter. I don’t know how he dared to stand in front of all of us and say the things he did. Who does he think he is? Not much, as far as I’m concerned. Just a big bluff northern fisherman – at least, that’s what he was.

Pity he didn’t stick to it, instead of wandering around the countryside following a man who was destined for an early death if anyone ever was. Claiming to be the Messiah! What else could he expect? He was always going to be a target for the authorities. Our religious leaders didn’t like the way he called them names and the Romans...
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