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Psalm 73:1, 20, 25

The fact that this psalm continues to agonize over the success of the ungodly reflects how we ourselves struggle continuously to square the problem of evil with our faith in a loving God. ‘Then thought I to understand this: but it was too hard for me’ (v. 15). Although the psalms offer little insight into the origin of evil they speak unmistakably about its destiny. ‘The ungodly’ may have their day, ‘lusty and strong’ (v. 4) and ‘come in no misfortune like other folk’ (v. 5) but their days are numbered, especially those named in the following psalm who say in their hearts ‘Let us make havock’ (Psalm 74.5) of God’s purposes. God and good are eternal; evil and sin are temporary. That’s what the eye of faith sees. ‘I went into the sanctuary of God: then understood I the end of these men; Namely, how thou dost set them in slippery places: and castest them down, and destroyest them’ (vv. 16 –17)...

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