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Proper 1

Isaiah 40.21–31
1 Corinthians 9.16–23
Mark 1.29–39

There are two complicated, separate yet related themes running through today’s readings. The first is to do with proclamation – all three passages talk about the ways in which God makes himself known to us. The second is to do with the demands of that proclamation. To know God is to relinquish other ‘rights’ that might conflict with what a relationship with God requires.

Isaiah’s understanding of how God is proclaimed is fierce and uncompromising. The whole world – its very existence – shouts out the presence of God. The puny people who run around on the surface of the earth, thinking themselves important, have only to look up at the vastness of all there is and realize their mistake...

Taken from Lectionary Reflections – Year B by Jane Williams

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