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Poem: Jealous hatred fired his brothers

Proper 14 year A

Genesis 37: 1 – 4, 12 - 28

Jealous hatred fired his brothers,
Joseph, Jacob's favourite son,
cooking up a plot to kill him,
thought the plan would soon be done.

In the distance they had seen him,
saw the dreamer, saw his coat,
saw the sunlight flashing brightly...

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, Genesis 37: 1 – 4, 12 – 28,
Poem, Joseph, Jacob, Reuben, sold into slavery, Midian. Greed, dreamer,
multicoloured coat


Andrew Pratt (born 1948)

Words © 7/8/2011 Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,

Please include any reproduction for local church and school use on your CCL Licence returns. All wider and any commercial use requires prior application to Stainer & Bell Ltd.

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