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The Joseph Epic in a poem for children

Joseph, Jacob’s favourite son was always having dreams
Of his eleven brothers bowing down to worship him it seems
To make things worse, his dad had given him a really flashy coat
Forever swanning round in it, Joseph got his brothers’ goat.

The jealousy of the brothers turned to hate and that was it
While out working in the fields one day, they chucked him in a pit
And just for cash they sold him to some traders from the east
And convinced their dad that Joseph had been eaten by a beast.

In Egypt, Joe’s new master saw that God was with this lad
And soon put him in total charge of all that Pharaoh had
But his boss’s wife told lies – she said that Joseph fancied her
So Pharaoh through him into jail – it really wasn’t fair.

Continues - verses 4-11 follow
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