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Monologue/dramatic reading: The fool on the hill

Proper 11 year A

Genesis 28: 10-19a

Have you heard the latest?
About that batty bloke down the road?
You know, the one who came all this way to look for a wife – so he claims?
You’ve not heard?
Well, it’s a story and a half, I’ll tell you. All about how he got here and what he did on
the way.

You know that rocky place – about a couple of miles back from here – the one with
all those big stones that folks keep hauling along to build their walls and houses?
Well, it all happened there...

17 July 2011, Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, Genesis 28: 10-19a, monologue,
dramatic reading, Jacob, Bethel, angels, Jacob’s ladder, dreams, God,
promises, stone pillar, vision

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