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Monologue: A chief priest

Ha! We’ve got him this time. It’s all over! Finished! Done!
The whole sorry, sordid episode has come to an end.
And, with their leader gone, it won’t take long to round up the rest of his followers and dispose of them too. The crowd is on our side now. It won’t take them long to forget about him!
So, once the Sabbath is over and the crowds start to drift home, we can get the situation back under control. He may have criticised us, ridiculed us – but the ones who followed him wouldn’t dare do that themselves. They’re far too frightened. Used to hiding behind him and sniggering at us, but they won’t have the guts to tackle us head-on on their own. They’re all just followers. A flock of sheep meekly meandering behind the shepherd, with no idea what to do, or where to go, if he isn’t in the lead. It’s ironic! Apparently he used that image in one of his teaching sessions. ‘I am the good shepherd.’ Oh, yes! We heard all about that. We had our spies everywhere, particularly in this last week.


© Marjorie Dobson

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