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Monologue/reflection – Who is he?

He didn’t give us a straight answer, did he?

Not even when we challenged him as priests and Levites and told him we’d been sent by the Pharisees. You’d have thought he would have had more respect for authority than that.
But what could you expect from a man dressed in such a disgraceful fashion and starting that kind of commotion out in the wilderness.
I know he’s from one of those strange, rebellious sects, but his father was a priest himself, so surely this rebel should have behaved better towards us.
And to refuse to answer a direct question from the Pharisees is just unthinkable.

So what answer did we actually get from him, if any?
What can we tell them when we get back?
He didn’t claim to be a Messiah – in fact he absolutely denied it. But he did talk about someone else who would come after him and who would be better than he was.

Strange that. Usually these men are so full of themselves and determined to undermine authority that they make all kinds of claims.
How many Messiahs have we apparently known recently? Too many!

Yet this character – did they call him John? – was sending out a different message altogether. What he was saying seemed to be echoing the prophets – yet he said he wasn’t a prophet.


©Marjorie Dobson

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