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This is one of a number of monologues that I have written for use in worship or some other reflective purpose. This one deals with the events of the calling of Peter by Jesus to be his disciple from the point of view of Andrew.

My Brother – He’s a Fisherman!
Matthew 4: 18-22; Mark 1: 14-18; Luke 5: 1-11

Who’d  have  thought  it  I  ask  you. My  brother!  You know  –  Simon,  big  chap,  beard,  loud  mouth Well, you’ll never believe it but he’s just gone and done the most remarkable thing. He’s chucked it all in. Given it all up. Turned his back on his family and the business. And it’s all my fault. If only I’d paid more attention to our boats and the nets none of this would have happened! You  see,  being  the  younger  brother,  I  left  everything  to do  with  running  the  business up  to  him. After all he always wanted to be the one in charge. He was born for it. Father saw that in him too and I knew that he would take over one day. And that was fine by me as well – because it left me
time to do what I wanted to do to.

I used to like chatting to my friends, putting the world to rights – and there’s a lot to put right these days! That’s how I got us all into thismess. Talking. Trying to sort out life’s problems. Mixing with the wrong crowd some would say.


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