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I knew he would come. Knew it with every fibre of my being. I’d always known. All my life. It was my reason for coming here. The whole point of my existence. Both of us have been chosen and each of us has a very special mission to complete.

My parents had told me the story often. They told me how precious I was to them because they were so old before the miracle happened and my mother became pregnant with me. At first I thought they had a special love for me because I was their only child, then as I grew older they began to talk to me about the strange story of my birth. I grew to know that I was very special to God, as well as to them.

And they also told me his story. Mother was closely related to his mother, so the two of them had talked often of their special sons and what they believed about our destinies.

So I was taught all the prophecies about the Messiah and was steeped in the challenges that I must face. I knew what I must do. So I set about learning how to do it.


©Marjorie Dobson

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