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Drama/monologue: Did you receive …

We were disciples of John – the John they called Baptist.

We had always followed him. He’d made such an impression on us when we’d gone to the wilderness to see him. People had said he was strange and wild- looking and that he was stirring up trouble, so we had to go to find out what was happening.

When we got there we knew that we’d found what we were looking for. For years we’d be unsettled and convinced that there was something seriously wrong with our religion and its leaders and John put all our fears and uncertainties into words. He talked of a new way of doing things, a new way of believing. He also convinced us that we needed to start again on a personal level and that the way to do that was to turn our lives around – that was what this repentance and baptism meant.

It was a big step down into that water – in all ways – but the twelve of us had no hesitation – we wanted to start again and to make a difference.


©Marjorie Dobson

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