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Drama – What’s out there?

A. You been out there yet?

B. Out where?

A. Out in the wilderness?

B. Out in the wilderness! Why would I want to go all the way out there? I’m a city person. I don’t want to be wandering around rocks and valleys. It’s dangerous.

A. And you don’t think it’s dangerous in the city then?

B. Ah, well, I’m used to the city. I know where the dangers are.

A. But aren’t you interested in what’s going on out there?

B. Well, I’ve heard a few people gossiping about it, but I haven’t taken too much notice. Most of the ones I’ve heard talking seem a bit weird anyway.

A. But it’s big news out there! It’s the biggest sensation for years. Everybody’s talking about it.

B. Oh it’ll soon pass. It’ll be something and nothing. I don’t reckon that anything that happens so far away from the city ’ll make any difference to me and my family.

A. You might be surprised.

B. I doubt it.

A. Didn’t you hear about Eli, down the street? He went out there and he came back a changed man.

B. And so he should! He’s been a real villain for years – thieving and lying and drunk half the time. He’ll never change.

A. Well he seems to have done just that. I’ve just seen him a few minutes ago. Sober as a judge, he was – and they tell me he’s trying to give back some of the stuff he stole and has sworn never to steal again.

B. Go on! I don’t believe it. So what’s made this sudden transformation in him?

A. He went out to see that prophet and apparently he was convinced that if he didn’t mend his ways he’d be in big trouble.


©Marjorie Dobson

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