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Drama/Dialogue: Make-over

A. I’ve had a make-over!
B. Oh, yes! When?
A. Yesterday evening. I feel like a new person.
B. Well, you don’t look like a new person to me. You still need a haircut – and you could do with losing some weight.
A. Aw, come on! You can’t expect that to happen overnight, can you?
B. No, but haircuts are usually available all day and every day.
A. But I’m not talking about my hair – or my weight for that matter.
B. Then what are you talking about? You’ve just told me you’ve had a make-over, but you look the same to me. Has somebody talked you into buying some new clothes?
A. No! Nobody has talked me into changing my appearance at all. I look just the same as ever.
B. Hmm! I can see that. So, come on, explain what you mean.
A. I’ve had a make-over inside.
B. You mean you’ve had surgery?


©Marjorie Dobson


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