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Monologue/Drama: Timothy speaks

He told me the same story many times with only slight variations in the details, depending on his mood. Sometimes he almost seemed to be boasting about it, at other times he was full of remorse and humility. But, whatever the method, the essence of the story remained the same: he had done great wrong, but his life had been turned around completely.
He was a complex character, my friend and mentor, Paul. There were times when his letters appeared to be dictatorial and their tone of arrogance could be hard to swallow. At other times his voice was full of love and compassion and the words flowed from pen, or lips, in such a way as to make memorable phrases of prose that you could imagine would last for centuries. He really cared for people, but he could also upset some of them without ever realizing that he had done it.


Marjorie Dobson

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