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This is one of a number of monologues that I have written for use in worship or some other reflective purpose. This one deals with the events of baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan by John from the point of view of a bystander waiting his turn to be baptised .

A Tale From a Riverbank
Matthew 3: 13-17; Mark 1: 9-11; Luke 3: 21-22

Just who did he think he was Pushing in like that –jumping the queue. I was here just after first light. I’d heard the prophet would be here as well. I’d waited like the rest for him to come here by the river and share his message of hope and redemption with us. I listened to his  call to repent and searched my heart for all those things I’d done wrong and those right things that I left undone. I thought about what the Law said and the teachings of the Prophets and weighed them all against my actions and inactions. I really worked at it to feel that my repentance was complete.

Then, when I felt that I was ready to respond to John’s call to go into the water of the river and have my sins washed away, I joined the line –the long line by then –that ended in front of John so that I too could be made ready for the Kingdom of Heaven that was being promised. I  remember  standing  in  that  line,  that  slow  moving  line,  reflecting  on  what  that  Kingdom would look  like.  I remembered  that God had promised that he would send one to lead us  into  that new kingdom of his. He would be a teacher, he would be a healer, he would be a leader who would help us overthrow our enemies and claim what was rightly promised to God’s chosen people.


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