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This is one of a number of monologues that I have written for use in worship or some other reflective purpose. This one deals with the events of the raising from the dead of Jairus's daughter from the point of view of the physician treating her who, for artistic reason, is identified as Luke .

Letter From a Physician
Matthew 9: 18-26; Mark 5: 21-42; Luke 8: 40-56

My dear Theophilus,

I know that this letter may come as a surprise to you as it is now some years since we studied the healing arts together. I know that we swore we would keep in touch. I believe we both hoped that it would be more than the occasional note to report yet another change of location as the Lord led us to fresh challenges. But I have just witnessed the most remarkable series of events and something is
driving me to tell you about them.

Let me start at the beginning.
As you know I have now settled in Capernaum where I make an adequate living looking to the needs of the good people of this town. They are a mixed crowd but many are faithful to the laws and the prophets teaching so I want for nothing. As the people have come to know me, they have come to accept the limitations of our craft. They rejoice in the triumphs of my successes and share in the grief of my failures.


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