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This is one of a number of monologues that I have written for use in worship or some other reflective purpose. This one deals with the events at the wedding feast in Cana from the point of view of the steward responsible for supplying the wine.

A Steward at a Wedding in Cana Finds Truth in a Jar of Wine
John 2: 1-10



You wanted to see me You know how busy I am with all these wedding arrangements to deal with  So you’ll understand I can’t stand around talking all afternoon there’s things to organise. So, what was it you … excuse me a second … Nathaniel! Put that down this instant. I told you to go and get some more  clean towels to wipe the feet of the late comers, not to help yourself to the leftovers from the wedding board. ... Yes, I know, you’ve been on the go since cock crow, but I was up half the night and you don’t see me flagging.

Samuel was with me as well and he’s still at it. What’s that you
say He’s lying down in the kitchen fast asleep Well, I’ll deal with him in a minute. You just stop feeding your face and get on with the job I gave  you. There’ll be plenty of time to rest on the Sabbath tomorrow.

You see what it’s like Turn your back for a minute and it all goes to pot. We really are going to have to make this brief. I’ve still got important things to do before this wedding is over. So, what was it you wanted to ask me about.

The wine. Nothing special about the wine. Jacob the wine merchant you know the one, has his storeroom hard up against the hillside he supplied it. A nice light, refreshing wine made from the season before last first pressing. Matured in oak barrels, if I remember right, and racked off into the stone jars about a month ago so it had plenty of time to settle.


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