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Drama: A tricky situation

I’ll never forget the look on my master’s face when I took that jar to him and he tasted what I thought was water.
I’d been dreading his reaction. After all, I was the one who’d drawn the water and I knew what I’d put in that jar. How on earth could it possibly be anything else but water?
Oh, I knew that the young man from next door had said some words over it and his mother believed that would make everything all right. But most mothers are like that and this one in particular thought that the sun shone out of her boy. She’d always treated him as being very special, ever since he was a baby. The rumour was that she was convinced he was going to become a great man, even a leader of the people. She didn’t say much about it in public, but one of our female servants was friendly with her daughter and she used to talk about her mother’s attitude a lot. I know mothers are always supposed to favour sons, but apparently Mary had a very, very special relationship with her first son, Jesus.
I suppose that’s why I wasn’t surprised when she made her suggestion about the water. We’d been panicking in the servant’s quarters for a while before she found out what was going on. But lots of unexpected guests had turned up at the wedding celebration – including all those new friends that Jesus seemed to be making - and we knew that the wine would run out long before anyone left. It wasn’t our fault, of course.


©Marjorie Dobson

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