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The Third Sunday of Epiphany
John 2.1-11

And remember, we are still in the season of Epiphany – the showing forth of Jesus to the world. And this is where we find the proper significance of this story. Consider the difference between the meaning of the words ‘sign’ and ‘miracle’. A miracle might be an exciting event in itself, but so what? A sign is altogether more important. It both points in the right direction, and contains a deeper meaning than itself. Consider the deeper meaning within this story. Jesus came to bring us life in all its abundance, so that the ordinary water of daily life should taste like the best gold-medal-winning wine of Champagne. Jesus was not only the culmination of the long line of Jewish teachers and prophets; God had reserved the best gift till now – his only Son.

Contemplate the wine that Jesus has transformed from water. At the beginning of his ministry, we are catapulted to the end of his mission, to the time when Jesus himself will become the wine of the New Covenant. Contemplate for now the new order and relationship which Jesus is ushering in...

Taken from Gazing on the Gospels Year B by Judith Dimond


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