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The Third Sunday of Epiphany
Genesis 14.17–20
Revelation 19.6–10
John 2.1–11

Considering how many symbolic themes John has woven together here, it is remarkable that the story remains clear and powerful. Like a great Shakespearean speech, it simultaneously drives us forward and urges us to pause and ponder.

Strike each of these bells, and see what echoes are set off. The third day. A wedding. More wine needed. Purification pots. Glory revealed.

Weddings spoke of God’s coming kingdom, as they still do in Jesus’ parables and in the closing chapters of Revelation. Wine recalls the salvation-feast in Isaiah 25, as well as the strange refreshment Melchizedek offered Abram. Jesus’ ‘hour’ has not yet come, but with this action the clock moves forward another minute...

Taken from Twelve Months of Sundays Year B by N T Wright

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