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Fool by Name and Fool by Nature
1 Samuel 24: 1- 25: 44

You sometimes wonder how on earth a certain woman ended up marrying a certain man, but sometimes you can see that a couple are a good match. My office is located between the offices of two of my married colleagues; I joke that my job is to keep them apart during work hours. They met as students at the seminary, went off to do graduate work together elsewhere, then both came back to teach. They are terrific people and a great match. Yet I don’t know what their parents thought about their marrying. When my wife’s parents discovered who I was, they didn’t think much of the match; she was going to be a doctor, and I was a mere pastor. When my parents discovered who my sister wanted to marry, they didn’t think much of that match either, and he did abandon her (pregnant) after two or three years...

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