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Bigamy, Music, Technology, Murder
Genesis 4: 18-22

A few weeks ago my wife and I were in an Italian restaurant and jazz club, listening to jazz or blues, and a woman came up and said she was a nurse and was glad to see that I took Ann there, silent and immobile in her wheelchair. I replied, “Yes, music reaches places other things don’t reach” as of course the nurse presupposed. Last night at another club another woman came up and asked about Ann and bent down to hug her, then said, “You’re just being selfish in keeping her here. She wants to go. I can tell. I’m psychic, even if I am drunk” (I could vouch for the last point). I think she meant I was being selfish in keeping Ann alive rather than selfish in keeping her at the concert as opposed to taking her home, though either might be true, because for me, too, music reaches places other things don’t reach. It keeps me going. There is a link with this passage in Genesis 4. There is another link with the fact that in Ann’s wheelchair bag that night were a pair of wrenches lent to me by a friend because I need to disassemble part of the wheelchair to find out why it is creaking and squeaking. In Genesis, musical instruments and metal tools were among the early inventions in the human story...

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