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Get Yourself Outta Here
Genesis 11: 31- 12: 2a

I just had a phone call from a graduate of our seminary who is about to leave the United States to join some people seeking to establish a Christian presence in a country where there is little such witness. She knows that when my wife and I came to the United States, God gave us several indications of being involved with us in that move. It was a move I made for selfish reasons; I needed a job, and there was somebody in California who wanted to offer me one. But there were risks involved, not least in wondering how things would work out for my wheelchair bound wife. So it seemed especially gracious of God to give us two or three concrete signs of being with us in this move. In connection with an earlier transition in this other person’s life, when she moved from the United States to another country where she knew no one, she also had that experience of God’s making things supernaturally clear. But this time there were no obviously supernatural signs. The indications that this was the right action were more circumstantial...

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